Dental Extractions 

There are many reasons for removal of unwanted teeth. Although not mandatory, oral sedation or IV sedation is recommended. It is our goal at SmileCare Dental that your extraction be as simple and painless as possible.

Some of the common reasons for tooth extraction

  • The tooth is simply not repairable, or may be impractical to repair under the circumstances. This includes teeth that are decayed below the gum line, or teeth that have lost too much bone due to gum disease.
  • Removal of the tooth may be a matter of health. Removing wisdom teeth often fall into this category, as do teeth associated with cysts or infections, and any teeth that compromise the patient’s oral health if left in place
  • Teeth are frequently removed because they are crowded and their removal would create the space necessary to allow for proper spacing. Orthodontists occasionally request extractions for just this reason. 
  • Some front teeth are so crowded that removal is the obvious choice over straightening, and then the teeth are replaced with implants, bridges, or removable partials.

Wisdom teeth and impacted teeth will be removed by our highly trained Periodontist or Oral Surgeon.   You can be rest assured that you are in the best possible care while undergoing extraction surgery.

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