Stress-Free Dentist Office Visits

A beautiful, healthy smile is a significant investment that you want to last for a lifetime. However, many patients receiving dentistry restorations worry about the possibility of future damage to their new smile. Patients at Story Dental no longer need to worry about bearing the possible costs of future repair work or restoration replacements.

Warranty Coverage:

  • Peace-of-Mind for an extended period of time on your restorative, cosmetic and other qualifying procedures.
  • No-Fault coverage on repairs or replacement of covered restorations, no matter who or what caused the problem
  • No-Cost repair or replacement of damaged or broken restorations up to the amount of your original fee for that work.
  • Constant Assurance.  Your covered, regardless of whether your current dentist continues to practice of not.
  • Dentistry Promise To You With Procedure Coverage Patient Responsibility:  In order to keep the oral care warranty in force, the patient must maintain regular hygiene appointments to ensure oral health and continuing care.  Please ask our staff to learn more about our fully backed warranty certificate.

If have any questions about our Dental Warranty Coverage, please our office today at 972.514.1449.